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There are many ways on how to fix a garage door. I will like to tell you about few interesting ways on how to fix some, depending on the material it is made of like metal, wood, be it a manual or an electric door.

With regards to metallic doors and depending on where it got bad, the degree of damage and the precise location, relatively determine what is done and how it is done. If one of the nods at the edge of the door is bad, one simply needs to dismantle the area where it got damaged and the welder the place using a welding-helmet, a vice, gloves and a hand full of other tools necessary for repairing the spoiled place and for security measures too.

Wooden doors, however, will need a saw, gloves, a vice, measurement marks, clamps and other necessary equipment to do a good job. It is important to note that repairs are not only in terms of welding but often times equipment could get bad due to rough handling, poor maintenance, and negligence on our part.

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A good example to explain the above is the case of electric garage doors where a frequent rough handling of the remote via the door could affect its longevity and eventually weaken the screws, meant to maintain it. Therefore we contribute in part to the maintenance of the equipment we use daily, as in the case where one owns a car and has to park it often from and to the garage. However, electric doors are the easiest to repair relative to wooden ones which demand manual work, and in some cases get beyond repair, especially if the wood is affected by termites. This could lead to unexpected expenses.

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In conclusion, an electric garage door with a remote control is more practical, less expensive and easy to use when compared to the others.

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