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Five Reason You Need Foundation Repair In Nanaimo

Cracks in house walls will allow water to seep in to low lying areas

    • Water can ruin furniture in sunken areas
    • Water can also damage carpeting and flooring
    • Water can cause mold to form, leading to health problems

The condition of your Dallas home foundation directly affects the price of your home and oftentimes affects the status of your home’s eligibility for a loan from potential home buyers.
“Foundation cracks and settlement problems are viewed as a serious defect to a home. Most homeowners realize this and simply will not purchase a home unless proper repairs are made. In addition, many lending venues (FHA, VA, Conventional) simply will not lend on a home with these defects.”

The CMHC may categorize your house as a “Fixer-Upper” requiring the purchaser to get a special type of loan, subsequently lowering the value of the house.
The longer you wait to repair a residential foundation problem, the more repair will be needed in the future.

Logically, the more a foundation shifts the larger the cracks in walls and flooring become, thus the more the costs of repairing your house increase. Stop foundation problems early to avoid future headaches and costs.

25% of homes across Canada will experience foundation shifting, a higher percentage can be expected in the Nanaimo, Vancouver Island area due to the high concentration of expansive soil.

“Expansive soils are present throughout the world and are known in every Canadian province. Every year they cause billions of dollars in damage. The CSCE estimates that 1/4 of all homes in British Columbia have some damage caused by expansive soils. In a typical year in Canada they cause a greater financial loss to property owners than earthquakes, floods, hurricanes and tornadoes combined.

Even though expansive soils cause enormous amounts of home damage most people have never heard of them. This is because their damage is done slowly and can not be attributed to a specific event. The damage done by expansive soils is then attributed to poor construction practices or a misconception that all buildings experience this type of damage as they age.”

Your home’s foundation repair and the damage associated with it can help you lower energy costs.
“Air conditioning is lost to infiltration and air loss by over 3 times the amount it is lost without added foundation problems.

If you think your Nanaimo home is experiencing foundation problems then contact Pride Foundation Repair in Nanaimo today for a free foundation repair estimate, if any are needed. Call (250) 816-1641 to schedule your estimate today!