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Importance Of A Marriage Counselor In Your Marriage

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Marriage isn’t just a funfair. To succeed, you must be matured and appreciate what you are getting into. It pays to appreciate the fact that this union entails the coming together of two separate individuals. There is normally the difference in background, perspective and other factors. All these need to be married somehow.
What we notice is that when the euphoria clears, many people don’t know how to go on. Living as husband and wife, it appears a veil is removed from their eyes as the excitement wears off. Some things that could be irritating start surfacing.
At this point, some just conclude that they are no more in love. They can think this way because of a misunderstanding of what love is. The unfortunate thing is that a lot of marriages were built on infatuation. Feelings don’t equal love. Love is steady but feelings do not last so they can’t be the same. Love is based on a decision to love.
When you say you love someone, you have to know their weak points and still decide to love them. This is the foundation that any marriage needs.
There are many people who are married but are looking for a way out. One thing that would be of help to folks like these is consulting with a marriage counselor in Nanaimo BC. A counselor attempts to assist put things in proper perspective.
In life normally, you are told not to throw in the towel at the slightest challenge. Marriage is a part of life and therefore cannot be at all different. You would encounter difficulties in your marriage. This would test your resolve to have a successful marriage.
If you discuss with some people, you would discover that they believe there is no solution for their marriage. One thing that is sure is that you can be taught how to save your marriage. Your first step to achieving this is consulting a marriage counselor in Nanaimo BC. Saving your marriage can begin at this point.
When you decide to consult a marriage therapist, you need to be committed to learning from the sessions and implementing what you learn in your marriage. Don’t think that every person who goes for marriage counseling goes to discover a solution to their marital problems. You would be able to decide the importance you place on your marriage from the sacrifice you are ready to make for it.
One unfortunate truth is that in some cases, you would be the only one making these efforts. It is possible that your partner would seem unconcerned about matters concerning fixing your marriage. Sometimes you have to make them see that there’s something worth saving. One unfortunate mistake that certain married people make is scaring their partners away and making them see no reason to try to save the marriage.
It is critical that you help your partner understand what there’s to save in your marriage. Give them a motivation to desire to stay in the marriage. When you get married, it’s no more only about you. It’s now about the two of you. It is this state of mind that would make your efforts successful.

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