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Find The Right Legal Firm For Your Workplace Investigation

labour lawyer vancouverOur company has operated at the market of Vancouver legal services for a long period of time.

This allows us to state with confidence:

  • we have gained invaluable professional law experience
  • won a huge number of cases in courts of various instances
  • provide quality legal services to a sufficiently large number of businesses and individuals. We have everything necessary to ensure the highest quality legal services to our customers in almost all aspects of modern law.

We have Vancouver workplace law:

  • staff of experienced lawyers with full qualifications
  • own framework of regulations and codes
  • constant monitoring of changes made in legislation. The scope of our professional activity is divided into provision of legal services to individuals and provision of legal services to organizations, businesses and legal entities

Modern legal business is possible in the legal framework of workplace investigation law Vancouver and other surrounding areas. In connection with this there is need in strict compliance of current legislation in the field of

  • tax and labor law;
  • arbitration and civil law;
  • law on state registration of legal entities and many other regulations.

Representatives of small and medium-sized workplace environments are beginning to deal with the legislative acts so there is need in their strict adherence to the province registration. Compliance is often arises not to ignore the British Columbia law but because of the inability to time the tracking of its changes. For this reason, many companies have to have its own staff of lawyers. But it is possible simply to contact with our company in Vancouver. We provide professional Canadian legal services to legal entities, companies, and organizations at a high professional level.

Three practical advantages of our law firm company

1. The experience and professionalism in the delivery of legal services to organizations and legal entities. 2. We are interested in the respect of your personal interests to provide legal services to individuals. 3. Full confidentiality and reasonable legal fees.

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What workplace legal services do we provide to organizations?

The most popular legal services of our company to organizations are

  • optimization of tax system;
  • amending the statutes and founding documents;
  • changing a name and changing Director General;
  • registration of legal entities;
  • support for the issue of securities and shares;
  • registration of individual entrepreneurs;
  • assisting in arbitration trials;
  • representation of interests in tax authorities;
  • liquidation of the enterprises;
  • preparation of reports for tax authorities and non-budgetary funds;
  • Development of law regulatory documents.

We are also ready to accompany your business in the courts for workplace investigation law and debt collection law to your businesses counterparts.

Legal services in consulting is an information support of your business and it provides an opportunity to keep the abreast of changes in the current legislation. Legal consulting services also include legal assistance in solving various production and management tasks.
Company registration

High-quality labour legal registration services of different types of ownership is the key to future success of the company in Vancouver.

The procedure includes:

  • • Free preliminary advice on choosing the form of ownership of the future enterprise;
  • • Assistance in the organization of all required activities for the successful registration of firms;
  • • preparing a package of constituent documents;
  • • supporting tax accounting processes.

All legal services for registration of firms are carried out by lawyers. Arbitration: a lawyer in court Representation of your interests as arbitration is a legal services in court. If you need the help of an experienced lawyer to minimize the risk and the size of possible damage we can help win arbitration as claimant or defendant. We are also ready to defend your tax interest in the arbitration court.

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The full spectrum legal services to individuals include: family and inheritance disputes, housing legislation, traffic accidents and collection of payments from insurance companies, labor law and civil matters, assistance in criminal matters. You can turn to us for legal aid at any convenient time for you.

When do we need a lawyer? Contrary to public opinion the lawyer is required not only to conduct criminal proceedings against citizens. The specialist can do a great service when, resolving disputes over property matters, disputing with the insurance company, in workplace litigation and investigations, protecting one’s property, concluding of loan agreements and the sale of real estate. This is not a complete list of those moments in which the attorney legal services can play a crucial role.

Our company provides Vancouver lawyer services in a wide range. We provide professional assistance and legal quality at an affordable cost.

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Our Lawyers From Canada

lawyer and law services informationMany of our lawyers have trained under the best law practitioners in the Canadian region. We are proud to announce our partnership with many law firms across Canada. We specialize in helping small to medium sized businesses get the law help they need in the workplace investigation.

We will be providing our recommendations to lawyers that you can find in your local city. These are lawyers that we have either worked with or have verified through our strict verification process and our wonderful law firms that you can work with. Our lawyers and staff have been through a very strict training process and you can be assured you will get the best possible lawyer services in British Columbia and across Canada.

We will be updating these firms on a weekly and monthly basis so keep coming back to check which ones we recommend the most.

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