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Diagnosis of a herniated disc – By Nanaimo Chiropractor – Dr. Ansel

Diagnosis of a herniated disc (either neck or low back) can be made from a thorough physical examination including a detailed history, orthopedic and/or neurological evaluation. Some disc patients will present with an antalgic gait (lean away from the side of the disc lesion), extremity pain/numbness/tingling (abnormal sensation) in addition to neck or low back pain. Muscle weakness may be present in the more chronic cases as well as areflexia (“loss of reflex”). X-rays can be helpful in identifying degenerative changes of the vertebra, but MRI’s are the “gold standard” to identify the exact nature of the lesion. When the disc is herniated in the lumbar spine (low back), and it is compressing the spinal nerve roots causing pain and numbness down the buttocks, thigh and leg, it is often referred to as sciatica.

Let’s highlight four common symptoms of a herniated disc.

This pain is most commonly experienced at the outside of the thigh, the lower leg and/or the foot. Shooting pain that radiates down the leg is a common experience with herniated discs. Patients commonly report an electric shock type of symptom.

Signals from the brain may be interrupted due to nerve irritation. This can cause muscle weakness, usually of the ankle. Nerve irritation can be tested by examining the reflexes of the knee and ankle.

This is the medical word for abnormal sensations such as tingling, numbness, weakness or “pins and needles”. These symptoms may be the result of a herniated disc and may be experienced in the same regions as painful sensations.

These symptoms are important because they may be a sign of Cauda Equina syndrome. This condition is possibly caused by a herniated disc. This is a medical emergency! You must see a medical doctor immediately if you have problems urinating, having bowel movements, or if you have numbness around your genitals. All of these symptoms are likely caused by irritation to one of the nerves as a result from a herniated disc.

Traditional treatments like chiropractic therapy can be very beneficial step to an individuals recovery. Search Nanaimo chiropractor to visit our website or book an appointment.

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Five Reason You Need Foundation Repair In Nanaimo

Cracks in house walls will allow water to seep in to low lying areas

    • Water can ruin furniture in sunken areas
    • Water can also damage carpeting and flooring
    • Water can cause mold to form, leading to health problems

The condition of your Dallas home foundation directly affects the price of your home and oftentimes affects the status of your home’s eligibility for a loan from potential home buyers.
“Foundation cracks and settlement problems are viewed as a serious defect to a home. Most homeowners realize this and simply will not purchase a home unless proper repairs are made. In addition, many lending venues (FHA, VA, Conventional) simply will not lend on a home with these defects.”

The CMHC may categorize your house as a “Fixer-Upper” requiring the purchaser to get a special type of loan, subsequently lowering the value of the house.
The longer you wait to repair a residential foundation problem, the more repair will be needed in the future.

Logically, the more a foundation shifts the larger the cracks in walls and flooring become, thus the more the costs of repairing your house increase. Stop foundation problems early to avoid future headaches and costs.

25% of homes across Canada will experience foundation shifting, a higher percentage can be expected in the Nanaimo, Vancouver Island area due to the high concentration of expansive soil.

“Expansive soils are present throughout the world and are known in every Canadian province. Every year they cause billions of dollars in damage. The CSCE estimates that 1/4 of all homes in British Columbia have some damage caused by expansive soils. In a typical year in Canada they cause a greater financial loss to property owners than earthquakes, floods, hurricanes and tornadoes combined.

Even though expansive soils cause enormous amounts of home damage most people have never heard of them. This is because their damage is done slowly and can not be attributed to a specific event. The damage done by expansive soils is then attributed to poor construction practices or a misconception that all buildings experience this type of damage as they age.”

Your home’s foundation repair and the damage associated with it can help you lower energy costs.
“Air conditioning is lost to infiltration and air loss by over 3 times the amount it is lost without added foundation problems.

If you think your Nanaimo home is experiencing foundation problems then contact Pride Foundation Repair in Nanaimo today for a free foundation repair estimate, if any are needed. Call (250) 816-1641 to schedule your estimate today!

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Web Designer in Nanaimo, BC

With the shift towards websites, creativity and uniqueness has been the success determinant in web designing. In Nanaimo BC, website designing services differ depending on the Company of choice versus your budget. Some people only consider the user interface; while others go a step further to include quality and outlook of the sites. One of the best web companies in Nanaimo, BC is, which has had professional experience for a number of years, with regard to designing and customization of sites.

When choosing a web designer, many factors come into consideration. This is because the site should be as interactive as possible and should reach the entire world. In such a case, accountability of the designer is important, as a guarantee that the website has the required templates to achieve the set goals. Most designers use the size of your data or company to design the suitable templates that will encompass and cover all the areas.

Another important consideration is the overall professionalism of the subject company. For instance, you can access all the wed design companies in Nanaimo BC and compare their range of services and the customer reviews. Using this information, you can access the company that best suits your intended use of the website. However, it is crucial to have a strategic approach to the web design, since the web visitors considers the most appealing and relevant website, based on the field that your business deals with. The experts can assist you in determining the core information that your site requires.

With a reputable company, the site can be a source of revenue, through actual sales in the online stores. On the other hand, you may have the site designed to remain informative and educative, as a marketing strategy for your business. The approach of the designer determines the outlook of the website and its success in converting visitors into buyers and customers. This means the site should always be interactive and responsive, with all the core activities laid out, to enable visitors understand what you deal with.

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Full Service Pressure Washing in Nanaimo BC

pressure washing

All power washing companies are not the same!

We are a local company that provides excellent service and value.

Extreme Pressure Washing is a local small business in Nanaimo, BC.  Our mission is to provide you with the best possible experience in fulfilling your property cleaning needs. Your satisfaction is important to us. We don’t just clean your property, we provide an important service that shows pride in the appearance of your home or business! We take that extra step to ensure your property looks its best and at an affordable rate. We are the answer to your external cleaning needs. Just show us what your concerns are then relax. We will take good care of you and your property. You do not have to be present in order for us to complete the service.  Extreme Pressure Washing is licensed and insured for your protection and peace of mind. We proudly serve Nanaimo and its surrounding area for both your Commercial and Residential cleaning needs.


Extreme Pressure Washing is experienced in servicing all types of commercial properties. It is our pleasure to enhance your image to your customers and fellow businesses. Our special hot water high volume pressure washers are designed for industrial applications and is the safest way to remove gum without causing expensive damage to your concrete. Professional tools, professional cleaning techniques and professional business practices make us a leader in the community. We are here to take care of your cleaning needs so you can focus your attention on running your business. We are also insured for a minimum of 1 million dollars in commercial liability.

Some of the tasks we can perform for you:

  • Condo and Townhome exterior cleaning services
  • Shopping center exterior cleaning
  • Gutter cleanouts
  • Concrete sidewalks and parking areas
  • Storefront cleaning
  • Dumpster and dumpster pads
  • Gum removal
  • Rust stains on concrete and buildings
  • Graffiti removal
  • Ask if you do not see it listed



On Vancouver Island dirt, grime and mildew will collect on your home. Property not cleaned on a regular basis can lead to costly repairs later. Contaminates are removable without using excessive water pressure which can also cause damage to the siding or roof shingles. We use contractor grade cleaners and modern cleaning techniques to clean your property thoroughly and efficiently.

Pressure washing is one of the most affordable and simplest ways to increase your homes value and a good way to prevent costly and preventive future repairs. Having your house, driveway, deck and roof cleaned regularly increases the value of your home and helps protect your largest investment.


Why does my roof look so bad? Most roofs are replaced today due to the way they look. We are finding many people are replacing their 25 year roofs in as little as 10 years because of ugly bleak streaking and stains. Often a roof cleaning is all that is needed. That unsightly black or green stain on your roof is a combination of airborne algae, mold and fungus, which feeds on the limestone granules of your shingles. The algae and mold hold moisture which will also cause premature degrading of your roof shingles. It also hampers the sun’s reflective properties on your roof and may cause your shingles to shed the small granules that provide protection.

An improperly cleaned roof can damage a roof. We provide a service that will clean your roof safely using low pressure application of a mildew remover. You will be amazed at how great it will look after we are done. We also guarantee your roof to be algae free for a minimum of one year. We will return to treat your roof free of charge if any streaking returns in that time. We will renew the yearly guarantee for a fraction of the original roof cleaning investment.

Some of the tasks we can perform for you:

  • Roof black stain removal (Safe No-Pressure process)
  • Home exterior cleaning services
  • Gutter cleanouts
  • Concrete sidewalks and driveways
  • Gum removal
  • Rust stains on concrete and buildings
  • Graffiti removal
  • Decks and patios cleaned and refinished
  • Ask if you do not see it listed!

Feel free to visit our website at for more information.  Ready to get started?  Call or e-mail us for a FREE ESTIMATE.

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Importance Of A Marriage Counselor In Your Marriage

marriage counselling

Marriage isn’t just a funfair. To succeed, you must be matured and appreciate what you are getting into. It pays to appreciate the fact that this union entails the coming together of two separate individuals. There is normally the difference in background, perspective and other factors. All these need to be married somehow.
What we notice is that when the euphoria clears, many people don’t know how to go on. Living as husband and wife, it appears a veil is removed from their eyes as the excitement wears off. Some things that could be irritating start surfacing.
At this point, some just conclude that they are no more in love. They can think this way because of a misunderstanding of what love is. The unfortunate thing is that a lot of marriages were built on infatuation. Feelings don’t equal love. Love is steady but feelings do not last so they can’t be the same. Love is based on a decision to love.
When you say you love someone, you have to know their weak points and still decide to love them. This is the foundation that any marriage needs.
There are many people who are married but are looking for a way out. One thing that would be of help to folks like these is consulting with a marriage counselor in Nanaimo BC. A counselor attempts to assist put things in proper perspective.
In life normally, you are told not to throw in the towel at the slightest challenge. Marriage is a part of life and therefore cannot be at all different. You would encounter difficulties in your marriage. This would test your resolve to have a successful marriage.
If you discuss with some people, you would discover that they believe there is no solution for their marriage. One thing that is sure is that you can be taught how to save your marriage. Your first step to achieving this is consulting a marriage counselor in Nanaimo BC. Saving your marriage can begin at this point.
When you decide to consult a marriage therapist, you need to be committed to learning from the sessions and implementing what you learn in your marriage. Don’t think that every person who goes for marriage counseling goes to discover a solution to their marital problems. You would be able to decide the importance you place on your marriage from the sacrifice you are ready to make for it.
One unfortunate truth is that in some cases, you would be the only one making these efforts. It is possible that your partner would seem unconcerned about matters concerning fixing your marriage. Sometimes you have to make them see that there’s something worth saving. One unfortunate mistake that certain married people make is scaring their partners away and making them see no reason to try to save the marriage.
It is critical that you help your partner understand what there’s to save in your marriage. Give them a motivation to desire to stay in the marriage. When you get married, it’s no more only about you. It’s now about the two of you. It is this state of mind that would make your efforts successful.

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Factors to Consider While Finding the Best Dental Clinic in Nanaimo


Maintaining the good oral health is very important for your complete health. It is something that can’t be underestimated or overlooked under any circumstance; otherwise it may turn into chronic problems. And finding the best dental clinic in Nanaimo which provides multispecialty treatment that suits your budget could be a hard task for you. Don’t fret; if you will consider these certain factors, then it would not be a tedious job anymore.

The best advice would be to search in your niche i.e. look for all those dentists present around your locality and enquire the locals about clinics and choose according to your purpose. If you don’t find any clinic that solves your purpose, then you should approach distant dental clinics for better treatment.

Another step you can take is to visit any clinic and ask the patients about its reputation, staff members, and services. You should observe the clinics’ environment for real information about their services. Word of mouth is very powerful even in today’s advanced world as they tell you exactly everything so that you can judge which clinic is reliable to meet your needs and expectations.

The services offered play a main role in deciding which clinic should you approach? You should look for that dental clinic in Nanaimo which provides diverse treatments i.e. dental implants, root canal treatment, braces, teeth whitening, crowns and bridges and so on. There are certain clinics which provide advanced treatments like metal free crown, Invisible braces, Root canal single sitting, immediate implants and Instant teeth whitening. These services are more effective than the conventional methods, provide immediate relief and within the budget of people.

For instance, root canal single sitting, a new advancement in dentistry which has made possible dental root treatment painless, less time consuming and cost friendly, and in many cases in one sitting. Immediate implants and instant teeth whitening are time saving methods with the same result. Invisible braces can straighten your teeth without making noticeable. All these advanced services have completely changed the dentistry field; therefore you should look for those clinics which offer such treatments under the supervision of highly qualified dentists.

You should also keep in mind the facilities and amenities offered by the clinic while choosing the clinic such as cleanliness and sanitation, and annual dental plans also offered by the clinic.

Now comes the most important aspect, even if a clinic provides all these services and facilities, but it won’t be useful to people until it is cost friendly. It should be affordable by the majority of the people looking for better treatment option. You must discern all these factors while choosing the best dental clinic in Nanaimo that meets your needs, and don’t exclude researching online to find clinic in your niche.

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