The Good Bad And The Benefits Of Digital Marketing And SEO

2014 saw some incredible progression within the realm of digital marketing, evolving at a speed that has never been matched when it comes to changing the face of the world wide web. Every evolution has it’s downfalls as well as it’s cons, however, so we are going to cover both sides of the recent growth of online marketing.

Big Name Brands Buy Into Digital Marketing and SEO – Good

Contrary to what many people think, most of the larger brand names we have come to recognize in our daily lives haven’t felt the need to take on digital marketing and search engine optimization as a business strategy. Relying on television and hard copy advertising has provided them with all they need – up until now, that is. Several big brands jumped onto the DM bandwagon in 2014. Companies that need SEO services in Victoria BC will turn to only the best businesses on the market in that local area and if you have one that is doing well then they will definitely turn to you. Just like we do on our site here, you can contact us if you have any questions or visit our privacy policy pages.

seo and marketing in 2015

Anti-Spam Legislation Spam Laws In Canada – Bad

In July 2014 the country of Canada implemented the Anti-Spam Legislation. It’s main premise is to police unsolicited email spam and other forms of internet ‘junk mail’. According to the law, business owners and/or their marketing mangers: (also if you want to learn more about our company then check that out too)

– Must acquire consent from receiving parties of junk email and spam prior to sending it to them
– Have to provide obvious sender information within the emails and messages
– Provide a prevalent unsubscribe link in all sent messages

Many consumers view this new legislation positively, as they now receive much less spam to their email inboxes. For many marketers, however, it was a serious financial downturn.

Social Media Loses It’s Organic Reach – Bad

Facebook has seen a 50% drop in it’s organic reach over the past 2 years. Other social media mediums such as Twitter and Pinterest are also struggling to find other ways to monetize as their organic traffic lessens due to recent search engines changes.

Mobile Traffic using the search engine Is On The Rise – Good

People are accessing the internet on a much larger scale now with the advent of more and more powerful SEO hand-held internet-ready units. Mobile app companies are doing exceedingly well as they take advantage of this massively growing trend. By using the search engine and optimizing your website for the search engine, you will do that much better in your business.

Google’s Drastic Changes and Direction – Bad

Google has been an enigma over the past few years, implementing new changes that have left most of us absolutely stumped as to what they are trying to accomplish. Dropping access to keyword data has been considered a major hit to marketers, causing much difficulty in the field of targeted traffic analyzing. Again, it’s a strange direction for them to go in, but who has more of a stake in the world wide web than Google?

The internet is changing rapidly. In good ways and in bad. Those of us who rely on it for a living had better stay on our toes or be left behind. Those who can float with the wave may reap much benefit. For more info check out one of the best SEO companies in Canada at they will help you with anything you need digitally.